Styles of Writing

Understanding Styles of Writing

When choosing a style of writing, it’s important to understand your goals. Are you looking to submit the article to a newspaper? Post it on your blog? Each type of writing will determine what you need to provide to me for your writing as well as the typical length of each.

Press Release

Approximate word count: 500-750 words

A press release can be submitted to a particular form of press or online (such as to obtain a higher level of SEO (search engine optimization).

Information is presented in a third-person format with just the facts and no “fluff.”

Article for Newspaper or Magazine

Approximate word count: 500-1500 words

An article for a newspaper or magazine is presented in third-person but will mention the company name and provide a little “fluff” to make it engaging.

SEO Article

Approximate word count: 500 words

SEO articles are submitted to article directories online (such as solely for the purpose of SEO in the various search engines. The name of the company is not mentioned, though links to the company are embedded within the copy. Further, a variety of keywords are used and “fluff” is used in order to make the reader more interested in what is being said. Second person approach is most commonly used.


Approximate word count: 300-500 words

A blog is posted to the company website and is written in a second-person or a first person (we, us) or a combination of the two. The information is up-to-date and engaging to provide site visitors with additional information about the company. It is also used for SEO, so some keywords should be used. A company name is typically used.


Approximate word count: 500-1000 words

A newsletter can be sent by print or email. This is typically written in a first-person, addressing customers/patients directly. It can be a monthly/quarterly update or for a specific purpose to let them know of an upcoming special or event, a new product or service, or a change in operations (new hours, new staff, etc.).

Landing Page

Approximate word count: 300-600 words

This is copy specifically for a website. It is designed to provide information to consumers when they land on the website. It is strictly for educational and marketing purposes and is for conversion (to convert visitors to customers/patients).  The name of the company is used and there is a call to action throughout the landing page or at the bottom or both to get the site visitor to do something (call, fill out a form, make an appointment, etc.).