Nerd Girl Official Reviews The Mortal One and Gives it Five Stars

Tampa, FL – January 31, 2014: Nerd Girl Official, a book review site for romance books in Kindle and paperback formats, has recently reviewed “The Mortal One” with a five star review.

“The Mortal One” is a paranormal romance written by Shannon Bell. It is the first novel that she has published with a promise for more to come. The review was posted on the website earlier today and has the highest rating – five stars.

The reviewer, Amber, comments “Bravo! The author’s attention to the tiniest detail was overwhelming.” The book centers around Dylan, a head strong woman that goes on a vacation to try and find out who she is after her life is seeming to crumble around her. She meets Nico, a good-looking vampire that has spared her life, though she must now receive a mark in order to keep her safe.

“Culture, drama, excitement and [vampires]” are what is promised within the book.

The Mortal One is available on Kindle and Nook as well as paperback. The author, Shannon Bell, resides in Riverview, Florida with her husband Jon as well as her four-year old daughter Brooke. She is currently working on the second book to follow where “The Mortal One” has left off.

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