Get Indie Books on the iPad Easily

When you want to get Indie books, you often have to rely on Amazon. What if you don’t have a Kindle? Well, then you turn to the Google Play Store to look for a book where you can use your Android. What if you have an iPad, though? Indie publishers and authors aren’t too keen on using iTunes for publishing their books and this is for one main reason – you need a Mac in order to publish on iTunes.


So what’s the simple solution?

Indie writers can publish on Kobo, which takes about 5 minutes to do once the format is in place. Then, iPad users can go to the iTunes store and get the Kobo app (it’s free). This allows them to access all of the books that are available on Kobo books – providing thousands of new titles that they couldn’t otherwise get through iTunes.

Problem solved.

Oh, and The Mortal One is available in the Kobo bookstore –